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The Learn to Skate Program is part of The Skate School at Fox Valley Ice Arena. This Program is primarily focused on teaching the fundamentals of skating children, teens and adults.

USFS Basic Skills Membership
All skate school participants, for both figure skating and hockey classes, must have a valid United States Figure Skating (USFS) Basic Skills Membership purchased in their name. This is an $20 mandatory insurance that lasts for a year. The calendar year for Basic Skills is July 1 through June 30. Please purchase this before you register for your skate school class, as you will not be able to register for skate school classes unless you have this purchased. Choose ‘Register’ on the menu bar on the homepage of our website, then choose ‘Memberships’. Each skater is required to have this membership.

Program Opportunities:

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    The Skate School at Fox Valley is excited to announce its transition into theUnited Skates Figure Skating USFS Basic Skills program. This program was specifically designed by US Figure Skating to be the best beginning and continuing ice skating program that serves the needs of both recreational and competitive skaters.

    We welcome you to visit www.usfigureskating.org for information or feel free to e-mail the Skate School Director, Rockne Brubaker rockne@fvia.us with questions.

    The mission of the Basic Skills Program is to provide a goal-oriented program that encourages ice skating at all levels and to enhance the quality of skating skills at these levels.


    Parent / Tot Class
    This class gives a parent and their child a chance to learn how to skate together at the same time. BOTH THE PARENT AND CHILD NEED TO REGISTER FOR THE CLASS. The first few weeks, parents will skate along with child, helping them if needed. Eventually, we will split the class into two segments. The first half of each class the parents will work with one coach and the kids with another. The second half we will all skate together.

    When registering, you will need to register both you and your child for the class. The parent / tot ratio must be 1:1.

    Learn to Skate 1 (previously Snowplow Sam 1) age 3-5
    This class is for young beginners who have never skated before. The class focuses on introducing young children to beginning skating skills in an atmosphere of fun, using games and ice-safe toys to help teach basic skills. Elements include proper falling and getting up, marching, gliding and forward swizzles.

    Learn to Skate 2 (previously Snowplow Sam 2) age 3-5
    This class is for young children who have become familiar with skating. Skaters in Snowplow Sam 1 progress to this level. Elements include forward skating, one foot glides, forward and backward swizzles, curves and beginning snowplow stops.

    Learn to Skate 3 (previously Snowplow Sam 3) ages 3-5
    Prerequisite: Snowplow Sam 2. Elements include forward pumps and stroking, advanced backward swizzles, one foot glides on a circle and beginning forward crossovers, backward pumps and backward stroking.

    Adult Learn To Skate
    Its never too late to learn how to skate. If you are are 18 or older and want to learn how to skate, then this class is for you. This class is for those who have little to no skating experience or have never had formal lessons. Skaters will learn the very basics of skating, balance and forward and backward skating.