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USFS Basic Skills Membership
All skate school participants, for both figure skating and hockey classes, must have a valid United States Figure Skating (USFS) Basic Skills Membership purchased in their name. This is an $20 mandatory insurance that lasts for a year. The calendar year for Basic Skills is July 1 through June 30. Please purchase this before you register for your skate school class, as you will not be able to register for skate school classes unless you have this purchased. Choose ‘Register’ on the menu bar on the homepage of our website, then choose ‘Memberships’. Each skater is required to have this membership.

The Fox Valley Aces is a new group to the Skate School at Fox Valley Ice Arena. This new ‘club’ is made up of boys and is designed to help create new friendships while building on and improving the necessary skating fundamental that are required to be a good skater. The Aces program uses the Basic Skills Criteria,

The softech Learn To Skate Blades that we rent, or figure skates, are the suggested equipment for these classes because of the maneuvers and skills the skaters will be learning.

Min Age:
5 yrs
USFS Basic Skills